Okanagan-Shuswap Area Beaches

swimming and other activities are found at local beaches on lakes, rivers
Beach on Shuswap Lake at Sicamous Beaches in the Okanagan are so plentiful, that "best beaches" are tough to choose. Some great beachfront property is "private," meaning not accessible to the public, simply because there's no road or parking nearby.

Gyro Beach in Kelowna Many enthusiasts might argue west-facing vs east-facing. East-facing beaches are warmer because they get the morning sun longer, while west-facing beaches hold the heat longer in the afternoon (though both are better if they face south as well). The reality is, you'll probably go to the beach that's closest, regardless of which side of the Lake its on.

For those that are more adventurous, Kelowna has its own nude beach, at Cedar Creeek in the south end of town.

Okanagan Beaches

Here are some of the best beaches (from north to south, by city):

Road Access
Kalamalka Beach Kalamalka Rd on the north shore of Lake Kalamalka
Kin Beach Lakeshore Rd @ Transon south-facing beach on eastern shore of Okanagan Lake
Paddlewheel Park Okanagan Landing Rd, south eastern shore of Okanagan Lake
Sutherland Beach Ellis Rd, north western shore at foot of Knox Mountain
Waterfront Beach Water St @ Clement just north of Okanagan Resort
City Park Beach Abbott Street by bridge best lake views, close to stores
Strathcona Park Abbott St, south @ Rose quiet residential neighbourhood
Kinsmen Park Abbott St, south @ Patterson quiet residential neighbourhood
Boyce-Gyro Park Abbott St, south @ Rose south-west facing beach
Strathcona Park Pandosy St, south turns to Lakeshore close to several resorts and to Mission Creek Park
Hobson Park Hobson, off Lakeshore Rd northwest-facing beach
Sarsons Beach Sastons St @ Abbott St great views in all directions
Cedar Creek south of Cedar Creek Rd the area's only nudist beach
Bertram Creek Regional Park Lakeshore Rd (past Cedarcreek Winery) isolated park, big beach
Rotary Beach Park Boucherie south to Gellatly southeast view of Lake, close to Westbank facilities
Virbican Park Beach Ave, north southeast view of Lake
Heritage Park/Memorial Park Beach Ave, south at Princeton two beaches, at north and south ends of parks
Antlers Beach Provincial Park Highway 97, south of town great beach, with wilderness park inland
Antlers Beach Provincial Park Highway 97, south of town great beach, with wilderness park inland
Peach Orchard Beach Park Lakeshore Dr North great beach with broad lake views
Rotary Beach Lakeshore Dr @ Phillips wide south-east facing beach nestled between Kiwanis Pier and Summerland Trout Hatchery
Ilahie Beach Thorbur St great beach is part of a campground
Powell Beach Park Powell Beach Road great beach with great north lake views
Sun-Oka Beach Provincial Park Highway 97 by Agricultural station great beach with south-east lake views
Okanagan Beach Lakeshore Dr West north-facing great beach with view of OK Lake, close to hotels
Skaha Beach South Beach Dr wide south-facing great beach with view of Skaha Lake...Penticton's beautiful people hang-out
Airport Beach Skaha Lake Rd south-facing great beach underneath ocassionally-used airport runway
Okanagan Falls
Christie Memorial Park north-facing great beach with view of Skaha Lake
Kenyon Beach Park north-facing great beach with view of Skaha Lake
Rotary Beach 81st Street off 370 Ave great beach on Tuc-El-Nuit Lake, close to resort hotel
Lions Centennial Beach 92nd Ave @ Lacey Point great beach on warm Osoyoos Lake
Legion Beach Kingfisher Drive @ 89th St south-east facing beach on warm Osoyoos Lake
Haynes Point Provincial Park 32 Ave, east beach on both sides of shallow spit into middle of lake, great views all around

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