Okanagan-Shuswap Wine Festivals Listing

Spring Wine Festival
The Okanagan Spring Wine Festival marries wine and food over the first four days in May each year. This festival, timed to the bud break that signals the start of the grape growing season, has over 100 events throughout Okanagan's Wine Country.

Dates: 2005 May 5-8; 2006 May 4-7; 2007 May 3-6; 2008 May 1-4

Summer Wine Festival
Silver Star Mountain Resort, in Vernon, hosts for the annual Okanagan Summer Wine Festival over the second weekend in August. The weekend combines wine seminars, great evening entertainment, musical outdoor wine tasting, gourmet meals, presentations by local artists, and on-mountain sports activities.

Dates: 2005 Aug 4-6; 2006 Aug 10-12; 2007 Aug 9-11; 2008 Aug 7-9

Fall Wine Festival
This autumn, you can watch the grapes ripen in the Okanagan Wine Country sun and participate in only North America's only wine festival that takes place during the grape harvest. The annual Okanagan Fall Wine Festival, over ten days in early October, includes over 165 events throughout the valley which are focused on wine, food, education and the arts. Take vineyard tours and watch the fall wine harvest, and enjoy fabulous wine combined with great local cuisine. This festival is ranked in the "Top 100 Events" by the American Bus Association (ABA).

Dates: 2005 Sept 30-Oct 9; 2006 Sept 29-Oct 8; 2007 Sept 28-Oct 7; 2008 Oct 2-12

IceWine Festival
Sun Peaks Resort hosts the most unique of all wine festivals, which celebrates the acclaimed wines and world famous Icewines of the Okanagan, with a weekend's worth of events at an award winning alpine resort.

Dates: 2006 Jan 19-22; 2007 Jan 18-21; 2008 Jan 17-20

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