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There is also a class of decoration, not as an independent arts and crafts there, but combined with other items to play the role of decoration. Such as clothing decorated stones, pearls, gemstone jewelry; in scarves, hats inlaid gold and silver ornaments, Sarah, and even made of gold hat, such as the crown, phoenix coronet, etc., these products are on the decoration, jewelry can also be attributed to the column.

How to distinguish between categories of fashion jewelry in the end? Many people only narrowly understood as the ring and necklace jewelry, the other on the irrelevant. In fact, the jewelry range is very broad.

Jewelry refers to rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, chest locks, as well as hand-bell, foot bells, Buddha bead waist, wear parts, and so on. These crafts, though hundreds of thousands, a total can be divided into hair, pectoral, jewelry, decorative feet, wearing five major categories of costume jewelry.

Hair: mainly refers to the hair and around the ears, nose and other parts of the decoration.
Pectoral: mainly used in the neck, backs and chests, shoulders, etc. ornaments.

Hand decoration: mainly used in the fingers, wrist, arm ornaments.

Foot decoration: mainly used in the ankle, thigh, calf ornaments.

Wear decorated: mainly used in clothing, or carry ornaments.

If the supplies of materials from the jewelry point of view, can be divided into gold, jade, wood, stones, ivory, bone, carved lacquer, enamel, Pearl jewelry, glass, alloys, plastics, and other 15 major categories. However, since ancient times, it is generally preferred material is gold, silver, jade, ivory. This is because: the value of material itself is expensive, people should be combined the pursuit of wealth psychology.

Modern Western young consumers, the general is no longer too expensive to pursue jewelry material value, but the pursuit of aesthetic style novel, strange and production of well-off group.

There are a number of new jewelry materials and design, such as plastic, alloy, vinyl, imitation ivory, imitation jade, imitation plant morphology, such as imitation animal forms, showing the diversity of the decorative trend of active.

Jewelry, not only from the wear parts, the use of classified material, but can be distinguished from the name of jewelry, such as: level, ring, earrings, nose plug, Arms band, legs bell, hand bells, beads, earrings, sub, comb, hair clips, send the name lock, necklaces, bracelets, rings, Buddha bead waist, wear parts and so on.

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