Okanagan-Shuswap Old and new alternative healthcare practices

Many forms of traditional treatment are now coming to prominence because new research has demonstrated their basis on medical fact (or at least unable to disprove the clinical basis). Acupuncture (Chinese needles), aromatherapy (healing with smells), and homeotherapy (healing with herbs) are very traditional forms of medicine, though not used by conventional doctors.

Some argue that dissatisfaction of traditional health care (both its effectiveness and its costs) is causing the move toward alternative forms of treatment. Conventional doctors are skeptical usually because alternative medical care can not be proved scientifically to work. As a result, many patients accept alternative care without their doctors' knowledge.

Today, many forms of alternative health care are practiced around the world:


Energy Healing

Herbal Medicine

Pancha Karma (Body Cleansing)



Megavitamin Therapy

Chelatin Therapy

Light Therapy

Guided Imagery


Spiritual Healing



Aroma Therapy

Color Therapy


Mineral Therapy

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