Valleyview, Rose Hill, Knutsford neighbourhoods in Kamloops and nearby communities

-Valleyview East to Rosehill

The eastern-most part of Kamloops is home to 12,000 residents. This area dates back to the construction of the Canadian Pacific Railway along the southern bank of the Thompson River in the early 1880s. There is much commercial (mostly traveller-related) activity along the East Trans Canada Highway corridor, and the area has employment in the as well as the Kelly Douglas light industrial area. Homes in the area tend to nestled on the flat land between the /Transportation-Canada and the grassy slopes to the south.

The Valleyview neighbourhood began as a 1946 planned subdivision for veterans returning from World War II. When the Trans Canada Highway was completed in 1962 along the South Thompson River and connecting into Columbia Street, Valleyview sprouted many gas stations and motels. It became a town in 1970, when Kamloops' first enclosed shopping mall, Thompson Park Mall, opened there. In 1973, Valleyview was amalgamated into the City of Kamloops.

Today, Rose Hill is closest to downtown Kamloops, with Valleyview just to the east, with Juniper Ridge atop the hill above Valleyview. A few kilometres east is Dallas and the community of Barnhartvale on a plateau above Dallas. These are all quite areas, away from the relative hustle and bustle of the rest of Kamloops.


This area has 5 community elementary schools and one secondary school.


There are travel-related stores and services along the Trans Canada Highway East and West plus commercial clusters around Rogers Way area. The area also has a shopping mall (Valleyview Shopping Centre) and the Kamloops Auto Mall. There is more shopping in downtown Kamloops along Victoria Street, or up the /Transportation-Canada hill in Aberdeen.


There are small neighbourhood parks in these communities, just to the east, near Campbell Creek, is the BC Wildlife Park (zoo). The Thompson River is popular for boating and rafting.


This suburban area comprises outlying low-density residential settlement in Rayleigh, Heffley Creek, Rose Hill, Viking Estates, Dallas, and central Barnhartvale. 70% of the homes in Valleyview date back to the 1960s and 70s, with 20% to 1946-1960. Juniper is a new area, with almost all homes built since the 1970s, with 30% built in the 70s, and almost 40% built in the 90s. Rosehill/Knutsford is a mixed neighbourhoud with 45% of homes dating to the 70s and 80s and another third since the 1990s.

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