Rutland / Ellison neighbourhoods in Kelowna neighbourhoods, realtors, and movers

Rutland is east of Kelowna's downtown and straddles Highway 33 to Big White. Rutland South is located south of Highway 33 to Mission Creek and has its own business district. Rutland North is located north of Highway 33 to Sexsmith Road.

Rutland is self-contained neighbourhood with lots restaurants, fast food outlets, shopping centres, health care centres, recreation centres, ice rinks, parks and baseball fields.

Ellison is the area closest to the airport, and lies north of Old Vernon Road and east of Highway 97 and Duck Lake. Ellison is a quiet country-like neighborhood with quiey residential areas, acreages and hobby farms. Ellison is 10 minutes form the airport, 15-20 minutes from downtown Kelowna and about 30 minutes to Big White.


This neighbourhoods share 7 elementary schools, 2 middle schools and a high school administered by School District 23: Central Okanagan.


Rutland has a full range of retails services with shopping centres, grocery stores, specialty stores, and a range of medical and dental. stores & professionals. A Walmart and Costco are nearby.


Rutland also has movie theatres, the YMCA-YWCA Athans Aquatic Centre, Rutland Sports fields, Ben Lee Park, a skating rink, and numerous parks and baseball fields.


The homes in Rutland tend to be moderately priced and many have larger lots on flat land and therefore most homes here do not have scenic views (these are more toward the east end of the neighbourhood). In addition to a mix of single-family-homes, condominiums, and townhouses, there are also several large hobby orchards in Rutland.

Ellison lies to the north of Rutland and includes the Kelowna Airport and the development of Quail Ridge, bu8ilt around a golf course. The homes here are rural in nature with quite large lots or acreage size property.

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