Sicamous neighbourhood on BC's Shuswap Lake

Wagterfront Cottages by Sicamous Narrows /Transportation-Canada Hihway Bridge, viewed from Sicamous Narrows

Sicamous (population 3,100) is located on the Trans Canada Highway, about midway between Calgary and Vancouver, Sicamous is the eastern gateways to Shuswap Lake is a major harbour for rental houseboats. The town's name comes from the Salish word for "narrow", since it overlooks the short Sicamous Narrow of Shuswap Lake. The District of Sicamous is nestled between Mara Lake and Shuswap Lake is also at the northern end of the Okanagan Valley. Residents and visitors alike are drawn to the scenic beauty of mountains and crystal lakes.


Sicamous is served by the School District No 83 (North Okanagan-Shuswap). Sicamous has an elementary and a secondary school, as well as a storefront school.


There is some shopping, mostly tourism related in Sicamous. For serious shopping, residents head either west to Salmon Arm or south to Vernon. Houseboats moored in  Sicamous Narrows


This town is now the houseboat capital of Canada. There are a dozen operators with over 350 houseboats. Shuswap Lake has over 300 kilometres of scenic shoreline, where houseboats may anchor each night, and the lake has four narrow "arms" surrounded by forested peaks up to 2200 metres in elevation. The Shushap Lake Marine Park has a number of popular sites around the lake, and provides several designated boat/houseboat beaches.

The nearest movie theatres are in Salmon Arm and in Vernon.


Over the past three years, homes have sold in the $250-500,000 range, with most being either the single family or single family acreages. There are a number of vacation condos along the water, and some townhouses around town. There are a number of new developments along the waterfront on the Narrows, and on the hill overlooking the west side of the Narrows.

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