Okanagan-Shuswap Vehicle Steering - Steering Wheel Replacement

If your car is not equipped with an air bag in the steering wheel, In most cases, you can replace the old steering wheel with a new one. If the steering wheel has an airbag, have a mechanic do the work…your life may depend on it.

Before you remove your old steering wheel, point the front wheels straight ahead. This will help you to properly install the new wheel. Remove any center trim or padding in the horn button (you may have to remove screws from the back of the wheel's spokes). As you pry off the padding, check to see if the horn button is an integral part of the assembly. If it is, pull the horn wire from the back of the pad.

Firmly hold the wheel from turning as you loosen the nut. With the nut off, you'll see two threaded holes in the wheel's center hub. Thread two long bolts through a steering wheel puller into these holes. Thread the center bolt of the wheel puller down against the top of the steering column, making sure you don't turn the wheel in the process. Use the puller to pop the wheel off the column.

Bolt the new wheel to its adapter hub, and carefully thread the wire for the horn button or horn ring through their hole in the hub. Position the new steering wheel for straight ahead and align the splines of the adapter hub with those of the steering column shaft,. Push the wheel down on the steering shaft. Install the mounting nut and tighten it until the hub seats. Then snug up the nut and attach the horn wire to the new wheel's horn button. Finish by installing any trim.

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